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Clarity: Seven Years In The Making

Next week [Monday, July 22] will mark seven years since the passing of my dear friend, Lee. And in those seven years I’ve found my wings and grown into the young lady before you today – I’m the assistant editor of three weekly community newspapers; I freelance for two magazine publications; I’m a fiancée and will be a wife in two months and 10 days [But who is counting?!]; I’m a half-marathon finisher; and I like to think I’m a pretty great friend, older sister, daughter, etc. and soon-to-be sister-in-law, daughter-in-law, etc.

In those seven years, a lot has changed for me personally, and in growing I found acceptance – acceptance not only for who I am, but also for Lee’s death. For years, I was bitter; angry; and unsettled. But, those days are gone and I didn’t come to that realization until last night.

After a long workday and walking into my house, I was greeted by Fiancé who excitedly said he had something to show me. I dropped my bags and headed to the TV where he turned on a recorded news program.

The program highlighted the Borough of Cresskill who had just unanimously approved an ordinance that would fine residents who ignore lightning alarms as much as $1,000.  Under the new Cresskill ordinance, anyone who fails to vacate a field or public pool within 10 minutes of a lightning alarm could face the fine.

The broadcast journalist, stationed at a Cresskill field, interviewed a local woman on hand. Before I knew it, she uttered Lee’s name. In 2006, two teens were struck by lightning in Montvale, killing them, she said. Since, towns around New Jersey have adopted lightning detection systems, and more are in the process of installing them, she continued.

Then images of my friends and I hugging, crying and huddled around “the spot” where Lee lost his life flashed across the screen. In an instant, a flash of light, I was transported back to that field – my heart indeed was heavy, hurting, bleeding.

But, a light bulb went off.

For years I’ve been keeping this blog and watching towns throughout New Jersey, specifically Bergen County, install lightning detection systems in light of Lee’s tragedy. In light of Lee’s tragedy.

Last night, for the first time, I realized Lee was taken for a reason – a reason that will save others lives. Lee’s death has made a difference. Lee’s death is making a difference.

In life, Lee went out of his way to put a smile on the faces of friends and even strangers. So, in death, it is not surprising to me that he’s still attempting to help people.

That was his life purpose. And, for that, my heart is finally content. Sure I wish he were here with me – I wish that everyday. But, I’m tired of being even an ounce bitter. I’m tired of wondering what if. It’s time for clarity.



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With A Flash Of Light

With a flash of light, this semester at Rowan University has come to an end. With winter break on the horizon followed by my last semester before graduating in May, I have become very reflective.

In my time at Rowan, I have been introduced to many diverse elements of journalism; however, this online journalism course has been one of the most influential.

I am grateful for the opportunity to not only further grieve for the loss of my best friend, Lee Weisbrod, but also for the opportunity to educate the public on lightning, the underrated killer.

Due to the overwhelming interest in lightning detection and safety throughout Bergen County, I will be continuing my blog in order to further educate and provide information as long as it is available.

While blog posts will not continue two times a week, as per part of my class assignment, they will steadily continue – so continue checking back for the newest information regarding lightning in the Bergen County area.

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A Bergen County Update

Numerous mayors, recreation facilities administrators, and town officials have informed me of their plans to install lightning detection or have informed me of existing lightning detection systems.

Here’s a quick update

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Mahwah to Join Lightning Initiative

Recently Mahwah placed a bid on lightning detection equipment which will add Mahwah to the growing list of Bergen County towns with lightning protection in place.

The bid for Mahwah’s lightning detection will be awarded November 13 (this Thursday), according to Mayor Richard Martel.

Once the bid is awarded, Mahwah will begin the installation process. The detection systems will be installed at the township pool in addition to other recreational areas.

Check back in the coming days for more information regarding Mahwah’s lightning initiative.

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What is Lightning Detection Anyway?

Lightning detection quite simply works by listening for identifying noises on a radio spectrum to determine the strength and ultimately the distance of lightning strikes in the area. The detector uses directional antennas to determine the distance of the lightning. The data is then sent to software that plots the strikes on a map.

The National Lightning Safety Institute released an overview of lightning detection equipment article yesterday. In the article, NLSI stresses the importance of lightning detection systems due to their ability to give notice to shut down dangerous operations before the arrival of lightning. In addition, after lightning the detection gives an “all clear” signal, which is highly influential to the public.

According the NLSI, the available technologies currently include:

  1. Radio Frequency (RF) Detectors – measure energy discharges from lightning
  2. Inferometers – more precise and require a skilled operator
  3. The National Lightning Detection Network
  4. Atmospheric Field Mill Monitors – measure voltage changes of Earth’s electric field and report changes, which build lightning
  5. Optical Monitors – earlier warning, which detects the cloud-to-cloud lightning that occurs before cloud-to-ground lightning
  6. Hybrid Designs – combination of other technology designs
  7. Subscription Services (such as accuweather.com, intellicast.com, skyview-wx.com, etc.)


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North Jersey’s Protection

It’s been a little over two years since the death of Lee Weisbrod and Steve Fagan. Many North Jersey towns saw this has a warning and have worked to install lightning detection systems in hopes of preventing a similar tragedy from happening in the future.

Some towns with lightning detection are:

If your town has detection feel free to comment with town name and lightning detection location.

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Detectors to be Dedicated

According to a recent article in The Pascack Press, the lightning detectors that are currently being installed in River Vale will be dedicated to the memory of two lightning victims, Lee Weisbrod (River Vale resident) and Steve Fagan (Washington Township resident).

The dedication, according to River Vale Mayor Joseph Blundo, will occur once the detectors are fully installed and operational.

Currently River Vale has detection at Mark Lane.

The town has hopes of installing more at the Grove Complex, Range Field, and Roberge Field.

Personally as a friend of Weisbrod, the dedication means a lot. It is just another thing that will make him live on forever in addition to lending a hand in saving other peoples’ lives.


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