Happy 24th Birthday, My Angel

Last week I celebrated my 24th birthday, which marked the fifth birthday  – in a never-ending string of birthdays – that I have not commemorated with one of my best friends. Today, July 6, is that friend’s birthday and a remembrance will occur. There will be food and laughing and smiling and everything a typical party has – except the honoree.

At 24 years old, I’ve come to realize just how lucky I was to have such an influential person in my life at such a young age. Despite the shortness of his stay, which was beyond his control, he taught me numerous life lessons – lessons that I will not get into here. (Sorry to my blog readers who enjoy my scientific and factual posts. This clearly is not one.) After nearly 5 years (the anniversary of his death is July 22), I’ve accepted Lee Benjamin Weisbrod was placed on this Earth for a reason, a mission, a task – and, for me, personally, I believe his assignment was fulfilled – at least it was in my life.

So, even on today, I look at the future as bright because Lee definitely wouldn’t have wanted it any other way…


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