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A Must Read: “The Handbook for Lightning Strike Survivors”

I am a book worm. At any given time you’ll find a book in my pocketbook and two more waiting to be read on my night stand. I devour novels while on the Elliptical at the gym and in my free time. Despite my boyfriend’s laughs and remarks, I do find reading fun.

While wandering in my local library a week or two ago, I stumbled across The Handbook for Lightning Strike Survivors by Michelle Young-Stone. Clearly, this was a must read for me for obvious reasons. For my blog readers (and even those uninterested in lightning), this book is a must read.

Young-Stone effortlessly tells the tale I wish I penned myself. The novel focuses on “damaged people.” She tells the tale of people who have been struck by lightning as well as those who have lost loved ones from death, divorce and drinking. Throughout the novel not only does Young-Stone portray the incredulousness of the unlucky but she also adds facts regarding lightning to enlighten the reader. I, for one, could not put it down.

“They were each, in some way, touched by lightning – connected and transformed by the heavens,” writes Young-Stone in the novel. Thank you, Young-Stone, for a touching book.

Facts from The Handbook for Lightning Strike Survivors: Continue reading


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