Girlfriend Killed By Lightning Minutes Before Proposal

While stumbling around on the Internet, I came across the love story of Richard Butler and Bethany Lott. It’s a remarkable love story that knows no boundaries – even in death.

You see – Bethany Lott, 25, was struck by lightning while hiking with her boyfriend, Richard Butler. While enjoying two things she most likely loved the most – the nature and her boyfriend – Lott took a direct hit and ultimately passed.

According to Lott’s boyfriend, “her last words, about 30 seconds before it struck us, she turned to me and said, ‘God baby, look at it. Isn’t it beautiful?'”

I’ll give you a moment to grab your Kleenex.

Butler was planning on proposing to Lott during the hike.

Grab another Kleenex.

While this story pulls at my heart strings (and I’m sure yours), the most remarkable part is how Butler views living his life after experiencing such a tragedy. Being able to see beauty and love in the world around you so shortly after a tragedy is remarkable. It’s something I couldn’t do for some time.

Butler was quoted just days after losing his girlfriend in a news article stating, “I feel like it is my obligation to her to be as happy as I can be and be as productive with the rest of my life as can be and do as much good as she would’ve done if she could have.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself.


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