What Does It Feel Like To Be Struck By Lightning

The lucky few that have lived to tell their lightning strike tales describe getting struck by lightning in numerous ways.

Savannah Vowers, a 14-year-old girl from Littleton, Colorado who was struck recently while washing her mother’s truck, described getting struck by lightning as feeling like her “bones were crunching.”

Thirteen-year-old Connor Laughlin who was struck while holding an umbrella during a thunderstorm said being struck felt like ” a massive shock and it felt really sore as it was going through me. My legs buckled under me. It pushed me right over, the umbrella fell out of my hand and I hit the ground. It was like being hit by a truck and so loud.”

Other survivor stories can be found on The National Weather Service’s website at http://www.lightningsafety.noaa.gov/survivors.htm.

What’s your survivor tale?



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2 responses to “What Does It Feel Like To Be Struck By Lightning

  1. connor laughlin

    that is me connor laughlin and i am lucky to be alive many thanks to the st john ambulance and everbody :)!!

  2. jleh0628


    Thanks for your comment and of course, thanks for finding my blog! I hope you are doing well since your lightning strike. I wish you all the best. Happy reading!

    – Jessica

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