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According to Michael Utley, founder of the Struck by Lightning organization, teachers are constantly looking for filler lesson plans. During this season – as we begin the unofficial start of summer – teachers are asked to enlighten their students on lightning awareness.

In a recent email, Utley writes

The holiday weekend seems to have ushered in the lighting season with
a bang, including an incident at Yellowstone that injured 9 tourists
waiting for Old Faithful to pop. A repeat of an incident in 2005 that
took place there also with multiple injuries.

NOW is the time to tell a teacher about the safety videos on the web
site. They have been up only a couple of months and we already have
had close to 6,000 downloads, with over 2,500 coming this weekend.

This time of year teachers are always looking for ‘filler’, something
interesting, different, and short to hold the students attention doing
the closing down of the year. It is also the beginning of the prime
lightning season in many parts of the US.

The videos fit that bill and I have heard from so many teachers that
they love them.

So far we have given out over 75,000 magnets and 40,000 safety stickers.

Thanks for all your support and please –
TELL A TEACHER, you could save the life of a child, it might even be your own.

If we EDUCATE 8 to 12 year olds, we can change the world pretty fast.

Thanks again for all your help.


Michael P Utley

So, go tell a teacher and if you are a teacher yourself, tell your students!

* Be sure to visit Educational videos are currently featured along the left side of the homepage.


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