Stunning Work Conversation

Many individuals are still naive about the power of lightning and the ability to have lightning strike to anyone while doing any activity – whether it be playing an outdoor sport event or blow drying your hair during a thunderstorm. In speaking with a friend of mine that I’ve had for twelve years and counting, she was quick to fill me in on a work conversation that she couldn’t help but interrupt.

Apparently, a coworker of hers is a lacrosse coach. While playing a game on a turf field the other day, the ref stopped the game to everyone’s surprise. All the kids were asked to drop their lacrosse sticks on the field and to go inside the building to safety while the parents manned the metal bleachers. When the rain stopped, the ref called the game due to lightning in the area and would not let the kids return to the field to collect their lacrosse sticks, which were collect my their parents who still remained in ‘the danger zone.’ The coworker concluded his story with – “What are the chances of actually getting hit? What’s the big deal?” Insert a joking remark from another coworker.

And that’s when “I set him straight,” said my friend, who was right along side me during the passing of our friend, Lee Weisbrod, due to getting struck by lightning while playing soccer on a field.

It should come at no surprise that a game is canceled due to lightning in the area. A coach, especially, should put the safety of his players before a W scribbled in his notebook. I commend the ref and hope that one day the naive remarks stop all together… you never know who is listening.


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