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I’ll admit it – occasionally I Google my name… okay, and occasionally I Google the names of my closest friends. While Googling the late Lee Weisbrod, I came across this blog post written by Kellyroo.

It’s nice to know that while Lee is gone, he and his family are touching lives of other individuals.


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  1. Nancy Weisbrod

    While reading an article written by Jessica Humphrey in the Pascack Press I came across a post by Kellyroo about my son, Lee. I was initially wondering why she would google Lee’s name? Who is this person and was she a friend of my son’s? When you lose a child, one of the biggest fears is that they will not be remembered so it was a great feeling to see that he had been. Secondly, after viewing her photoblog which was amazingly touching, I got to thinking about how she was touched by this loss. Well, she got it and I hope her message goes out. Make the most of each day with your child. Hold them, kiss them, be with them, support them, cry with them and love them. You never really know what can happen in an instant that can change your life forever. I always knew this in my head but when you know it in your heart, the world is seen from another perspective.
    Thank you so very much, Kellyroo.

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