3 Years and Many Stories

Today marks the three year anniversary of the death of Lee Weisbrod and Steve Fagan. They continue to be missed; however, they live on through memories and stories. Throughout the three years, I have been contacted by numerous people – acquaintances, friends, and complete strangers – who either knew the boys, briefly met the boys, or know someone that has been through a similar experience as the boys.

This morning, just like every morning in this technological world, I checked my email first thing to find a message waiting in my inbox informing me of an online community on Facebook. This community is for Emily Crikelair, a 19-year-old girl who was struck by lightning outside of her home in Pennsylvania.

The strike placed Emily in Chester Crozer Medical Center unconscious with her heart not beating. Now more than 9 months after the initial strike, Emily is still undergoing therapy sessions and her healing process is on the up.

The story of Emily Crikelair is nothing short of amazing. Please show your support by joining the Facebook group – Pray for Emily.

07.06.87 – 07.22.06

12.08.87 – 07.22.06


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