Love at First Sight & Lightning

It’s another snowy day in New Jersey. Since I’m trapped in my house, I decided to get comfy with a blanket and my current read Love Warps the Mind A Little by John Dufresne.

I like books that allow you to lose yourself in them while encouraging emotions and thoughts. Love Warps the Mind A Little does just that.clip-art-valentine-heart-broken1

Similarly to a previous post, I’d like to post a quotation from the novel that juxtaposes lightning to love at first sight.

Dufresne writes,

“It’s [Love at first sight’s] the obliterating focus on the beloved and the eloquent shortness of breath. It’s a stroke of lightning, as the French say, a blast of passion.”

How does love at first sight and lightning correlate?

In the French language, love at first sight (le coup de foudre) translates as stroke of lightning in English.

Originally coup de foudre was used to mean any unexpected event similarly to the English saying out of the blue or the expression lightning never strikes twice referring to something that is generally considered improbable.

It’s quite interesting when you think about it.


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