Do Cell Phones Add to the Risk?

Cell phones. These days it seems that everyone has one and usually they are glued to individuals ears as they walk place-to-place, drive in their cars, or sit in a quiet movie theater (yes, I’ve witnessed this more than once!).

Cell phones are an important aspect of life. They provide interaction among individuals and today, they are equipped with Internet access and numerous applications and games.

Do cell phones add to the risk of getting struck?

According to three authors from Northwick Park Hospital in Middlesex, England, the human skin has a high resistance and when lightning strikes, it is conducted over the skin rather than entering the body. This is known as “flash-over.”

When conductors like cell phones; however, are present – the “flash-over” is disrupted and the result is internal injury with greater death rates.

Morale of the story – don’t go outside when lightning is present with or without your cell phone.


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