Detectors to be Dedicated

According to a recent article in The Pascack Press, the lightning detectors that are currently being installed in River Vale will be dedicated to the memory of two lightning victims, Lee Weisbrod (River Vale resident) and Steve Fagan (Washington Township resident).

The dedication, according to River Vale Mayor Joseph Blundo, will occur once the detectors are fully installed and operational.

Currently River Vale has detection at Mark Lane.

The town has hopes of installing more at the Grove Complex, Range Field, and Roberge Field.

Personally as a friend of Weisbrod, the dedication means a lot. It is just another thing that will make him live on forever in addition to lending a hand in saving other peoples’ lives.



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2 responses to “Detectors to be Dedicated

  1. Mom & Dad

    We are very proud of you. We will check your blog daily. We love you.

  2. Grandma


    I am very proud of you. I have just been looking at your blog. I’m amazed at the research that you have done. Keep up the good work.

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